Katy Ewalt (PAARTS Wellness Studio) has been providing remarkable care to me, and the entire company of professional dancers of Malashock Dance, for the past twelve years. For us, she strikes a perfect balance between detailed knowledge of the body’s proper mechanics, and an incredibly intuitive sense of what is needed to restore its healthy function. I have truly been amazed by the results we have seen – especially with sudden and serious injuries sustained around rehearsal and performance times. But Katy’s advocacy for preventative care and her specifically-designed maintenance routines are spot on, as well. San Diego has a rare gem in Katy Ewalt, and I offer my highest recommendation of her skills and services.

John Malashock

Artistic Director Malashock Dance

It is my pleasure to recommend Katherine Ewalt, and her business, PAARTS. San Diego Ballet company dancers have been cared for by Katherine Ewalt since 2000 and began collaborating with PAARTS in 2006 when both companies moved into the newly renovated Dance Place San Diego; it was a natural partnership. Our company dancer’s bodies are in constant need of attention due to the intensive training they have in rehearsing and/or performing throughout the season. Katy sees them yearly for preventive education and assessment as well as providing immediate help and therapy for dance injuries.

For the children in the San Diego School of Ballet, Katy teaches workshops in nutrition, human musculoskeletal system information and how to prevent injuries specifically in regards to dance as she was also trained as a dancer. Our staff of teachers and choreographers has also been lucky enough to take advantage of her services onsite. Personally I too have also gone to Katy for physical ailments over the years.

Katy has also impressed me with her knowledge and commitment to lifelong learning. She continues to attend & speak at professional conferences to stay update with the latest medical information and therapies. It’s this commitment to growth and her clients’ well-being that makes Katy outstanding in what she does. She is articulate and communicative in explaining the injury healing process as well as an enthusiastic, positive and good natured person. San Diego Ballet and Dance Place is very fortunate to have Katy & PAARTS just steps away.

Robin Morgan

Co-Director San Diego Ballet Company, Director San Diego School of Ballet

About eighteen months after my total knee replacement, I started getting treatments from Katy. Under her care we have kept the formation of scar tissue in my knee to a minimum, while simultaneously achieving maximum range of motion and freedom from pain. Katy is such a caring professional and brings a wealth of background knowledge in dance to her work.  She is resourceful in her approach to the various body issues for which I have sought her help.  I rely on my weekly session at PAARTS. to realign the demands of my body to the rigorous teaching and rehearsing required as Artistic Director and choreographer at the San Diego Dance Theater.

Jean Isaacs

Artistic Director San Diego Dance Theater

It is my honor and pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Ewalt. I have known her since before the San Diego Ballet’s move to our home at Dance Place San Diego.

Katy has served as San Diego Ballet’s official dance injury therapist for over 10 years. During that time, she has demonstrated outstanding skill and knowledge in her treatment of the members of the organization. In emergency situations, in assistance with chronic conditions, and in her preventative work, Katy is a superb professional. The knowledge that she is an immediate resource has been a blessing to our organization on many occasions.

Katy has demonstrated uncanny skill in her interaction with the professional dancers of SDB and students at the San Diego School of Ballet.  She has the ability to discuss complicated and sometimes emotionally weighted issues, with an equal amount of care and honesty, in a way that allows the individual to take ownership of their health decisions.

Her competence, commitment and dedication as a health care professional are exemplary. She is also excited and open to new ideas and experiences. I have first-hand been a witness to her ability to turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

Katy also devoted much time to our Summer Program and has developed a thoughtful curriculum program of injury prevention for young dancers. A special area of interest, she regularly takes on the role of the lecturer and confidant with these young artists.

Her skill and professionalism at doing so is often remarked upon in the evaluation forms we receive from teachers and students.

Fortunately, too, Katy’s amalgamation of teaching and practical skills comes “packaged” in a wonderfully friendly, witty, sincere and caring human being. She is sensitive, flexible, respected and admired by peers, students and professional dancers. Upon meeting her, you cannot help but be struck by her directness and intellectual curiosity.

On a personal note, Katy has also assisted me with personal health issues with an acute sensitivity to the issues and needs of the older individual. I have been (and continue to be) deeply impressed by Katy and recommend her unhesitatingly. I am confident that she would provide the same high level of service and commitment in any situation as she has demonstrated here at the San Diego Ballet.

Javier Velasco

Artistic Director, San Diego Ballet

Katherine Ewalt is a resource the entire San Diego County performing arts community should be taking advantage of! Working with Katy has helped me resolve and identify alignment and body mechanic issues that have plagued me almost 10 years.  I’ve seen chiropractors, local health care physical therapists and even holistic practitioners and none were able to pinpoint the issues and resolve them as Katy has. Her extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of treatment options allows her to create the best rehabilitation plan for your needs. Her knowledge of dance technique and the stresses and strains placed on dancers’ bodies allows her to seamlessly rehabilitate dancers from physical therapy back to class.

As a professional dancer and dance school director, I have both worked with Katy personally and recommended her services to my students. The students she has worked with return to the classroom with a greater understanding of their bodies, improved alignment and confidence that they’ll be able to move pain free.  I have also noticed a greater understanding of proper alignment and a more attentive eye to their body’s well-being.

I wish I had access to such a wonderful dance medicine resource when I was a student in San Diego!

Miah Nwosu

Associate Artistic Director, Ballet Mistress, Scripps Performing Arts Academy and Scripps Ballet Theater

The San Diego Dance Community is so fortunate to have Katy Ewalt’s expertise available to us. Her ability to properly diagnose injuries, construct and assist individualized therapy programs, and monitor the safe return to dance regimes is invaluable.  At last—a professional who listens, connects with dancers’ specific issues, treating the body as an integrated whole, carefully bringing it back into balance. If you want to heal, go see Katy!

Colleen Shipkowski

29 years Adjunct Dance Professor, Grossmont College, Southwestern College, Mesa College

Over the past ten years, Katy has helped me through multiple injuries. I’ve gone to countless physical therapists but once I found Katy I never looked back. Her wealth of knowledge combined with her passion to serve her clients is invaluable.

Katy is professional, knowledgeable, and intuitive. Whenever my students/parents ask for a recommendation for dance injuries, I recommend Katy due to her expertise in the area of dance. I always stress to my parents the importance of seeking care and guidance from a clinician who understands the physical and technical demands of dance so that their child’s injury can be both properly addressed and prevented in the future. Katy has helped me, my dance friends, and my students and we are truly grateful for her services. Katy is a true gem for the San Diego dance community!

Felicia Alvarez

Artistic Director, Inspire School of Ballet