It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Katy Ewalt. I am a professor of ballet in the Indiana University Ballet Department where we have both intensive and extensive ballet schedule for 55 ballet majors. I have been active in the ballet world for 68 years. As an international ballerina, I have had a number of injuries and have received care from many physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers. These experiences entitle me to say that Katy Ewalt is among the very best in her field.

I have known Katy and seen her work. Having observed her in a working relationship with the dancers, faculty members, and student athletic trainers, I am happy to report that she is extraordinary in her tuning and providing of care in these many different situations. An excellent listener, Katy is able to remain calm and totally receptive, even during stressful situations. This ability allows her to secure a clear assessment and proceed with minimum fear and anxiety for the patient. She is able to teach and reassure people at the same time. Katy established a refined style of communication with the dancers and faculty with a concise and precise weekly injury report which allowed for restructuring of classes and rehearsals to hasten the dancers’ recovery.

Every person in the Ballet department hoped that Katy Ewalt could stay with us forever. But, how can we stand in the way of such a talented and gifted individual who really could belong to the larger world of increasingly sophisticated demands and meet the challenges that will expand and enrich her… My warmest wishes accompany Katy as well as the conviction that she will excel and be loved everywhere.

Violette Verdy

Distinguished Professor, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music 1984-2016
Principle Dancer New York City Ballet 1958-1977
Artistic Director Boston Ballet 1980-1984
Artistic Director Paris Opera Ballet 1977-1980
French Legion of Honor Recipient 2008

In praise of Katy Ewalt……….You must experience he healing ways of Ms. Ewalt to know her wonders. When I met her I was in need of realignment, body and mind. She made the journey easy and soon I was moving as before without fear of injury. We in this wonderful blessed line of work called “The Arts” are in need of healing hands that understand our lives, our bodies. Thank you Katy Ewalt for all you do for us….

Ben Vereen

Tony Award Recipient, Professional Broadway, Film and Television Actor, Singer and Dancer

As a maturing former principal dancer from the New York City Ballet and a longtime ballet coach and instructor, I have had the necessity and opportunity to attend to my body in many interesting and informative modalities. That being said it has taken some years to learn how to best calibrate my schedule for sustaining energy and physical stamina in a holistic way.

This past August included teaching in San Diego, it was the 4thof 5 Summer Programs. In dealing with back spasms and shifting alignment, exacerbated by travel and time changes, I needed to find a therapist with the wisdom, expertise and skills to help with my concerns.

My great fortune was finding that Katherine Ewalt, who I had met previously at an IADMS Conference, came highly recommended and happily to the rescue.

I cannot say enough of her multifaceted approach, skill sets and intuitive qualities.

Katherine has the critical ability to listen, observe and assess. Adding to those skills she has a wonderfully attuned sense of touch. All of these elements coalesce to create a safe and reassuring space in which healing and learning take place.

Her high level of knowledge, skill and expertise in dance injury prevention, care and rehabilitation provide an extraordinary resource available to San Diego area dancers. As it was for me, it is also so reassuring for visiting/touring performing artists; that any of these populations can feel confident in receiving expert care.

Stephanie Saland

New York City Ballet, Principal Dancer, 1972-1993

I met Katy while headlining for the Broadway show ‘Burn the Floor.’ She was brought in to provide injury prevention and care for the week we were in San Diego. I had hurt my hamstring.  I was in a lot of pain, could barely move my leg and had been out of the show for 4 days.  Katy truly was a miracle worker – she got me back in the show her first day with us!  I was not only dancing, but my pain was reduced and my hamstring strength and flexibility increased even while doing 8 shows that week. I have maintained in contact with Katy and consulted with her regarding other injuries.  I have total faith and confidence in her abilities to help keep me strong and healthy and doing the thing I love.  Thanks Katy!

Ashleigh Dilello

Professional Ballroom Dancer “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Burn the Floor”, “Dancing with the Stars”

Katy has been an instrumental resource for me. I first came to her with an ulnar nerve issue that was causing constant pain and was keeping me from doing my job; playing the violin. Thanks to her deep knowledge of body mechanics and the multitude of therapeutic technique she employs, I was able to return to work quickly. She tailors her treatments to address the individual’s specific need. I am ever grateful for her professionalism, empathy, and friendship.

Katharine Precourt

Royal New Zealand Ballet, Principal Dancer; Former First Soloist, Houston Ballet

I severely pulled my hamstring during a performance and still had to perform.  Through a wonderful program of Graston Technique, progressive functional exercises and a home exercise program designed for my particular injury – I was on stage and performing pain free in no time.  Katy listened to my concerns, advised me wisely and got me on the road to recovery.

Michael Mizerany

Artistic Director, Compulsion Dance & Theatre; Former Associate Artistic Director and Principle Dancer, Malashock Dance

Hello dancer friends! There’s a great opportunity to attend Dance Injury Prevention/Nutrition Workshops and Services offered by Katy Ewalt, owner of PAARTS Wellness Studio.

I’m sure you’ve all heard me speak (gush…brag!) about Katy. Over the past year I have had the privilege to train under Katy. She has helped me improve an 8 year old injury, and discover power and control in my legs that I’ve never had before! I was accepted into the Springboard: Montreal summer intensive program through Ballet Divertimento and the Juilliard School. Without Katy’s assistance I would not have had the confidence to audition for this program, nor the technical strength to meet their audition requirements.

There is so much potential we as performing artists can achieve through injury prevention training. I encourage you to attend Katy’s workshops and take advantage of  PAARTS’ services. I have worked with therapists in Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, and Chicago; never has anyone taken such a thoughtful and effective approach to my training.”

Jillian Chu

Former Dancer Shen Wei Dance Arts, NYC, NY

Katy Ewalt’s work is unique because of her experiential understanding of the rigors of dance training, dance injury, post injury re-entry into dance, and post-surgical recovery strategies.  Her gut-level understanding is borne of long commitment and personal engagement to both dancing and practicing rehabilitation therapy. Her ability to navigate the artistic and medical dimensions simultaneously is rare.

Katy’s evaluation process is detailed and exhaustive, allowing her to track complex interrelated issues over time. She balances the big picture with the small picture using brilliantly strategic exercises and treatment modalities. Katy’s repertoire of therapeutic techniques is vast. Long experience allows her to advise dancers about when they should proceed with caution and when they should persevere and move through challenges.

Kathryn Irey

Owner/Director Stage 7 School of Dance

I always enjoyed working with Katy at PAARTS when I was a dancer with The San Diego Ballet, the positive results I achieved were staying in top performance shape and free of injury. Now when I come back to visit San Diego I always like to fit in a session at PAARTS. I really benefit both from the Pilates sessions as well as the therapy treatments.

Having multiple treatments offered in the one place at the highest level is the reason I keep coming back

Chelsy Miess

First Soloist with The National Ballet of Canada, Former Principal Dancer with San Diego Ballet.

Katy Ewalt is a godsend. I have seen her for several chronic injuries, and each time I have come out not only stronger, but more knowledgeable of my body as a result. Pain that had plagued me for years disappeared after being in her hands. Whether you are a dancer, an athlete, or seeking rehabilitation of an injury, Katy’s expertise and lovely demeanor make her invaluable. Your body will thank you.

Gabrielle Zucker

Professional Freelance Dancer, San Francisco, CA

Working with PAARTS Wellness Studio has repaired, restored and continues to rejuvenate my body helping me to meet the rigorous demands of ballet and to maintain a high level of performance.

Abby Avery

Former Principle Dancer San Diego Ballet

Recently I had been experiencing excruciating pain from an inflamed I-T Band. I could barely walk or stand.  After three months of trying every therapy I could, a friend suggested I visit Katy Ewalt. I recalled that the responsibility of a Sports Medicine practitioner is to get you back safely in the game or in my case back in dance class and possibly on the stage.  Katy’s extensive professional background in Performing Arts Medicine, in addition to Sports Medicine, was just exactly what I needed.

After my first visit to Katy Ewalt I believed that her approach was different.  I was aware of improvements after the first session.  My recovery had been rapid since that time.  I am still working on strengthening my leg, but have been able to return to my normal activities and dance class without pain.

Katy Ewalt is certified in a number of different therapies and a session may include more than one approach.  Homework, in the form of exercises, is always given for maximum benefit.  Her approach is tailored to each client and she listens thoughtfully to the concerns of the individual.  She then explains her analysis of the problem and outlines her treatment approach in an understandable way: there is no mystery.

I have been a dancer most of my life and now at 80, I don’t want to stop.  Katy Ewalt is helping me continue this activity that has been both my career and my passion.

George Willis, MS, MFA

Professor Emeritus
School of Music and Dance, San Diego State University, Vice-President and Co-Founder of San Diego Dance Theater

I seriously doubted that I would ever dance again. The pain and the trauma from a meniscus injury and surgery were so severe, I don’t think I could have done it without the knowledge and expertise Katherine provided. She believed in me and my talent from beginning to end.  I can honestly say that my speedy recovery and the unquestionable amount of knowledge I gained by working with Katherine Ewalt at PAARTS is one, if not, the single most important reason for my continued success as a professional dancer. I can’t thank her enough.

Anthony Diaz

Former Company Member San Diego Dance Theater

Katy has been helping me throughout my dancing career from small injuries to big ones. She has kept me dancing after three knee surgeries and a back surgery. She is always looking for the best way to achieve a smart recovery. Thank you, Katy, for guiding me in finding a way to safeguard my body and make it function to the best of its ability.

David Wornovitzky

Freelance Modern Dancer

I first met Kay Ewalt upon my arrival to San Diego. I was dancing in the 2008 Dance Place Summer workshop hosted by both Malashock Dance and Jean Isaacs San Diego Dance Theater. By working with Katy every morning on my injured ankle, I was able complete the intensive. Her wide range of knowledge and healing techniques allow Katy to assess an injury (chronic or acute) and then formulate a treatment plan unique to each situation and dancer. Since that summer, Katy has kept me dancing. Most recently she has helped me on my way to recovery from an injured Rotator Cuff. Using a variety of therapies ranging from Gralston, to specific muscle relaxation, to strengthening exercises, and ice massage, Katy has kept me in dancing shape. As a full-time professional dancer, I perform with both Malashock Dance and San Diego Dance Theater. I also teach several classes per week. My body is my tool and without Katy’s help and expertise I would not be able to have this amazing career.

Blythe Barton

Blythe Barton Dance, San Diego Dance Theater, Malashock Dance, Faulty San Diego Mesa College

I dance Argentine tango at least 2-3 nights a week.  I came to Katy after suffering recurring pain in and around my hip after dancing.  Within one session, Katy identified the cause of my pain, and we mapped out a plan to relieve the immediate pain and develop my strength to prevent it from returning.  She provided a mix of techniques that massaged, stretched, and strengthened the muscles in and around my hip.  Every session, I could feel myself improving, and Katy was very positive and supportive.  In less than two months, I was completely free from pain!  It has been over a month since our last session, and I am still pain-free and dancing several nights a week.  Thank you, Katy!

Rachel McRoberts MA

Former Communications Manager, Malashock Dance Company

I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing Katy Ewalt since my sophomore year at Indiana University in the fall of 1999. She was the Primary Certified Athlete Trainer for IU Ballet Theatre and I was a ballet major.  Katy was there for me when I experienced my first major dance injury and has been there for me ever since.

I first met with Katy when I developed a stress fracture in my left fibula.  I was devastated, as I had never been seriously injured and was concerned my pursuit of a professional dance career could be jeopardized.  Katy not only used her calm steady nature when telling me the results of the bone scan, but the therapy she performed on me and the exercises she gave me helped me assume a quick and easy recovery within the 6-8 week period I was given to heal.  Katy was extremely professional and knowledgeable about my injury.  I felt lucky to be in such good hands.

After several years dancing professionally, and suffering a few additional dance related injuries, I moved to San Diego, surprised to discover Katy was there.  She was affiliated with the company I was dancing for, San Diego Ballet, and came to my aid.  My second stress fracture had healed but my ankle and calf were very weak.  Katy worked with me on exercises and helped me regain strength in those areas.  During this time Katy was once again the encouragement I needed to continue pursuing my dream of being a professional dancer.

In 2007, I moved to San Francisco to dance with Company C.   I started experiencing pain in my hip at the beginning of 2012.  It was painful to hold my leg in any extension and I started losing flexibility. While guest teaching in San Diego that summer, I received a MRI with discouraging, and potentially career ending, results.

I contacted Katy immediately confident she would…

understand my situation.  She responded immediately, even though she was out of the country on vacation. She contacted renowned Dance Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. James Garrick, in San Francisco and made arrangements for me to see him.  Though I was a new patient and my insurance was not covered under his practice, he saw me within days of her contacting him.  In the meantime Katy communicated with me via telephone and email to encourage me and to give me strengthening exercises to help with my injury.  Once again she was the calming force I needed at a crucial time in my dance career.

I have been lucky and blessed to have Katy as my dance injury therapist.  I have confided in her concerning the hardships of a dance career. She is efficient, responds promptly, and cares deeply.  Because Katy was once a former dancer herself, she has the personal knowledge and understanding of a dancer’s body, mind, and soul.  I am thankful to Katy for helping me sustain a career in dance and for being a very dear friend along the way.  She has been a trustworthy individual in every way and continues to be a trusted source in my life.

Laura Dunlop

Former Professional Dancer, Company C Contemporary Ballet

Katy always listens intently when I talk and takes the time to get to the root of the problem. During our visits I feel like she is completely focused on helping me with my injury, I never feel like she is rushing through our visits. She has a wealth of knowledge and training to draw from, and so she is able to approach an issue from many different angles, using different techniques to discover which is most effective. The exercises she has given me to work on at home have lessened my pain and strengthened my body. I have noticed that I have improved balance and body awareness, I’m so glad I decided to call and schedule that first appointment!

Darcy Fagerwold

Owner Expressions Dance and Movement Center

Katy Ewalt has corrected, improved and literally changed numerous issues in my body that were a result of 2 hip injuries that led to 2 hip replacements. Being a professional dancer, I like that Katy comes from a dance background because she completely understands what I’m going through, she understands every concern I present to her, and she is able to provide solutions.

Prior to surgery, I was compensating a lot due to pain, and I developed a lack of muscle strength and balance due to non-use of the muscles. After surgery I found myself rocking and leaning forward with an awkward gait, I was unable to stretch and workout due to the lack of strength and flexibility in my joints, and the amount of turnout in my hips was different from each other. Very frustrating for a dancer. I thank Katy for changing all of that, helping me to walk normal again, and regain a lot of what I’ve lost over the years. I’m still a work in progress.

Katy’s knowledge of the body, her extensive training in a variety of therapy methods, her full complement of equipment in her studio space, and her ability to explain the exercises, make for an outstanding therapist. I highly recommend Katy Ewalt for anyone needing therapy. She is outstanding!

Reina Bolles

Dancer, Singer, Dance Educator, Ms. Senior California 2015

I have been a dancer my entire life. I’ve taken hundreds of dance classes, performed professionally and on community stages, and have taught dance for at least forty years. This dancer’s body has been through a lot!  I have to say that if it were not for Katy, I am positive that I would no longer be dancing.

I first came to Katy with a hamstring injury that had been bothering me for about a year.  Like many dancers, I thought the pain would just go away by itself if I waited long enough.   Not so.  Katy worked with me in her studio and gave me exercises to do at home.  After a few months it was healed.  Since then she has seen me through a pulled calf muscle, an injury on the bottom of my foot, and a badly sprained ankle.  After each injury I was back on the dance floor in record time. I continue to see Katy twice a week for maintenance and strength training.

Thanks to Katy’s knowledge, experience, expertise and kindness, at seventy years old, I am still dancing.  And since she healed that hamstring, I still have a pretty decent grand battement!

Joyce Schumaker

Dancer, Dance Educator, Choreographer, Ms. Senior Calif. 2016

I have known Katy for several years now and she has treated me for many injuries including neck and shoulder pain, sprained ankle, hip flexor injury and currently a patellar tendon knee injury. What I love about working with Katy is the full body approach she takes. She doesn’t just look at the injured area but looks at your entire body to see if there are muscle imbalances, alignment issues, or other problems that could be affecting the main injury. Katy is very knowledgeable and thorough. She uses several different hands on techniques to treat the injury as well as work on exercises that help heal and strengthen the body. Being a ballet dancer and teacher is very demanding on the body and I appreciate Katy always getting me back on my toes. I highly recommend Katy to any dancer, gymnast or athlete dealing with any kind if injury.

Claire Torres

Former Principle Richmond Ballet, Faculty San Diego Ballet