PAARTS Healthy Performer Fund

The unique training and workplace demands faced by dancers, musicians, actors, vocalist, circus artists and others, are known to influence health, wellness and quality of life. In fact, up to 70% of adolescent dancers, up to 95% of professional dancers and 75% of musicians and opera performers will experience an injury that takes them out of training and performance in any given year.  

For many professional and aspiring performing artists, particularly those of smaller organizations, the average individual income falls at or below the poverty line, with most performing artists holding 3-5 jobs to make ends meet.  Research informs us that there is a direct relationship between poverty, health and access to healthcare.

PAARTS strives to provide the highest quality specialized injury prevention and care to area performing artists and companies.  PAARTS has been an annual donor to a number of organizations including San Diego Ballet, San Diego Dancer Theater, Malashock Dance among and has offered additional support and donations to programs such as others  San Diego Civic Youth Ballet, San Diego Civic Dance Arts and Coronado School of the Arts.

In an effort to expand offerings to these programs as well as other individual artists and groups who seek our specialized services, PAARTS has founded the “Healthy Performer Fund.” Your donations will help support expert care and injury prevention to aspiring and professional performing artists in the greater San Diego, California area.


The money raised from this effort will go toward the purchase of supplies (i.e. braces, padding, taping, equipment, home care products – which can range in cost anywhere from $10-$700 per performing artist, per injury), to provide supplemental care, education, and practices to empower artists to reach their performance goals safely and healthily.

PAARTS will give back by matching any donation of $50.00 or more by 20%.

What’s being said about PAARTS’ Healthy Performer Fund

If you have a specific individual or group in mind that you would like to provide a donation or gift certificate for, please contact PAARTS directly at (619)225-5762 or email to make arrangements, or simply click below to donate.

Thank you in advance for becoming a supporter of the

“PAARTS Healthy Performer Fund” through your donation to PAARTS