After three years of being misdiagnosed, after ineffective, sometimes inappropriate PT, after facets of my multifaceted hip dysfunction being addressed piecemeal, my journey led me to Katy Ewalt. Katy’s depth and breadth of knowledge is unmatched in my personal experience. Oftentimes, rehabilitation clinicians utilize one approach. I am convinced that to successfully treat the entire kinetic chain of injury, the rehab clinician must call upon a variety of techniques and approaches. Katy possesses a vast array of soft tissue techniques and a plethora of physical exercises from which to choose, tailoring her approach to the needs of the individual. Katy, by far, gave me the most detailed physical assessment I have ever received. This attention to detail, coupled with her insight and vast experience, enabled her to correctly ascertain the issues contributing to my hip dysfunction. Katy completely focuses on each patient. She can capably help dancers, athletes, and fitness buffs ranging from the recreational to professional level. I believe Katy Ewalt has the ability, drive, and enthusiasm to help anyone who’s motivated to recover from physical injury. I cannot imagine anyone better. –

Jennifer Hiett

Fifty Something Fitness Buff

I remember when I brought my son in that first day. Katy was so thoughtful to have the keyboard there for him to play and get comfortable at PAARTS! He certainly made himself right at home. More than that I was amazed at how he responded to Katy’s treatment and manipulations. He was so responsive in a positive way, relaxed, and in tune with the process. He has been doing so well at the School of Creative and Performing Arts, taking choir for his vocal arts major and tap/jazz for Physical Education. He’s growing tall and more communicative, playing piano and overall, doing well.

Felicia R. Solito, Esq.

In 2012, I injured my lower back. It was painful to sit, stand-up, and do any sort of exercise, such as running, walking, surfing or swimming- all of which I did. I was referred to Katy Ewalt. Katy has guided me to full recovery. I work with her on a weekly basis. She outlines my exercises and determines the condition of my back. Not only has she helped to restore my back, but through my weekly appointments and her guidance, at 75, I am now stronger and in better physical condition than I was at 69. And, yes, I can enjoy all of my activities.

Henry H.

Katy is a true healer who has given me my life back. I have been working with Katy for the last few years and have experienced an incredible life transformation. I was someone who avoided many regular activities due to physical pain which really affected my mood and lifestyle. I am now a person who loves to travel and keep busy and active with friends and family (and my 3 dogs!). I am so much happier with the freedom I have gained and my family is grateful to have me participate in their active lives in a way I couldn’t before.

When I first saw Katy, I had severe neck, back and hip pain and was feeling a bit hopeless about how much she could do to help. My balance, strength and stamina were at an all-time low. I learned that I had cervical spinal stenosis, S.I. joint dysfunction, along with weakness in my muscles due to years of pain and avoiding exercise. I had mistakenly thought that somehow the pain would heal itself or that it was something I had to learn to live with. I called Katy hoping maybe we could just get a little improvement.

In terms of my cervical (neck) issues, I experienced excruciating pain as well as numbness and tingling in my arms and legs. I also had frequent and severe migraines and most worrisome of all was my dizziness and vertigo. I learned from my neurologist that I needed to strengthen my neck muscles to improve these conditions. Katy knew exactly what I needed and although it has taken a few years of consistent treatment, the improvement is nothing short of amazing. I send everyone I know with any type of neck issue to Katy. The thing is you must be extremely careful not to exacerbate spinal stenosis and Katy thoroughly understands this. I wouldn’t trust my neck with anyone else. Through Katy’s treatment and home exercises, I hardly notice my neck issues anymore. The neurological issues rarely resurface and when they do, they disappear again within a day or two.

My hip and lower back had also started to become a really big impediment for me at this same time so Katy treated that too. When I first came in I could barely balance on one leg at all and even sitting still for a short period of time was extremely painful. Again, through consistent treatment and many home exercises over a few years I am in better shape and truly feel healthier and stronger than I have in decades. I can walk 10 miles and climb up flights of stairs easily. I can also get on the floor and play with my dogs again and don’t ever have to turn down plans because of physical limitations. I only wish I had called Katy sooner so that I wouldn’t have wasted years feeling awful!

One thing that really stands out about Katy, other than her vast knowledge and talent, is that I always felt that I could bring up any little ache and pain to her, even if it seemed unrelated. Katy is very honest and caring. I have learned so much about how my own body works and have great faith in the power of healing because of my treatment. Katy really wants each client to live their best life and because of her and my commitment to treatment and exercise, I am!

Kim P.