In praise of Katy Ewalt……….You must experience he healing ways of Ms. Ewalt to know her wonders. When I met her I was in need of realignment, body and mind. She made the journey easy and soon I was moving as before without fear of injury. We in this wonderful blessed line of work called “The Arts” are in need of healing hands that understand our lives, our bodies. Thank you Katy Ewalt for all you do for us….

Ben Vereen

Tony Award Recipient, Professional Broadway, Film and Television Actor, Singer and Dancer

As a professional musician, practicing or performing 40+ hours per week can take its toll on the body. After undergoing traditional rehabilitation without resolution of my playing related injury, I sought care from Katy Ewalt, MS, ATC, HHP, BCTMB.  Katy was tremendously helpful… she was wonderful in using a variety of techniques and was comprehensive and holistic in her approach.  Her comprehensive approach in dealing with my neck pain involved head to toe attention.  I gained information about my body and its weaknesses and she supplied me with exercises to strengthen those areas.   She is encouraging and a pleasure to work with.  I feel that I now have the tools to maintain my strength and continue my career pain-free.

Ashley Walters

Cellist, Formalist Quartet

Katy has been an instrumental resource for me. I first came to her with an ulnar nerve issue that was causing constant pain and was keeping me from doing my job; playing the violin. Thanks to her deep knowledge of body mechanics and the multitude of therapeutic technique she employs, I was able to return to work quickly. She tailors her treatments to address the individual’s specific need. I am ever grateful for her professionalism, empathy, and friendship.

Hanah Stuart

Acting Associate Principal Second Violin, San Diego Symphony Orchestra

As a professional musician with a performance injury, I was amazed at Katy’s ability to quickly and knowledgeably identify and treat the underlying problems. I felt better after the first visit and her custom-tailored exercises are continuing to provide major preventative benefits. I recommend Katy highly.

Luke Storm

Professional Tubist, Los Angeles, CA

PAARTS is dedicated to improving the bodies of the San Diego performing arts community. This will lead to better performances, creating better art for our community at large, adding more beauty into the world, and moving all people toward a new earth. That’s pretty huge.”

Molly K. Whittaker

Mezzo-Soprano, San Diego Opera Chorus

Thank you, Katy, for giving me hope that I can work pain-free! Your deep understanding of the inter-connectedness of the body is amazing. Thank you for your kindness, support, and willingness to solve my pain puzzle.

Dana Zimbric

Artistic Director and Conductor, California Chamber Orchestra; Artistic Director and Conductor Classics 4 Kids; Staff Conductor California Ballet

Performing professionally as a musician puts some of the hardest demands on our bodies and overtime these gradual asymmetrical changes can be hard to sense.  Some of these weakness manifested when exercising and doing recreational activities that normally wouldn’t cause me pain or discomfort.   Katy was able to assess some of the imbalances in my body that I’ve developed over the decades playing a musical instrument and work with me to help restore my balance and posture.  She made me aware of simple changes I could do to strengthen my stance, as well as work with me on mobility exercises to take my recreational physical endeavors to the next level…. and all along I  thought I my knee was just sore from hiking.

Jory Herman

Los Angeles Philharmonic, Double Bass

When I first came to Katy I had an extremely limited range of motion in my neck and was in constant pain as a result of an auto accident. My neck and spine are now dramatically more flexible and I no longer suffer from constant discomfort or have trouble sleeping. Weekly treatments combined with recommended exercises have increased muscle strength in my neck and in my core, and addressed the root of the problem. In addition to alleviating the pain from the accident, she also tailored her care to enhance my abilities as a singer and performer.

Stacy Antonel

Ginger Cowgirl

As a violinist I spend hours practicing and performing in an inherently awkward and mechanically stressful position. Katy has helped me immeasurably. Her knowledge and expertise has guided me to achieve a more sustainable and healthier posture. I feel reinvigorated after a therapy session and the maintenance exercises and stretches she provides have been instrumental in my recovery. Katy is a true talent and her love of the arts is immediately apparent with the care and expertise she brings to keeping performers happy, healthy, and most importantly, on stage.

Wesley Precourt

Associate Concertmaster, San Diego Symphony Orchestra

My experience at PAARTS is difficult to summarize in one paragraph. Katy has an impressively expansive background in therapy, treatment, and corrective exercise. She has chosen to focus her career on working with professionals in the performing arts and sports industries. This means she will not give you “quick fix” treatments that in the end only serve as temporary pain relief (I’ve been through that too many times). Katy customizes an intuitive plan that will see to your full recovery and ensure longevity in your career.

I came to PAARTS with a pinched nerve in my neck that left me unable to perform at the symphony, and I also had terrible chronic lower back pain that I had been carrying around for over 15 years. With her incredibly caring yet disciplined demeanor, Katy customized my treatment to not only allow me get back to work ASAP, but to also correct my body alignment and strength in order to prevent further injury and chronic pain. I also gained a lot of knowledge along the way, as Katy is happy to share her understanding of your personal body mechanics and answer any questions you may have. I have since been back to work with considerable less pain, and am able to enjoy performing without fear of what might happen to my body over time. This is why my time at PAARTS is invaluable.

Rose Lombardo

Principle Flutist, San Diego Symphony Orchestra