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Kinesio taping has become much more visible in recent years. You’ve seen the colorful tape on athletes, dancers and gym-goers placed in unique patterns on body areas as a way of easing pressure on their tissues and alleviating pain. Kinesio tape combines traditional pain management strategies and cutting edge medical technology.  The technique blends aspects of acupressure, lymphatic flow and athletic taping by placing specially designed elastic therapeutic tape at or near problem areas. The tape exudes a pulling force, allowing for free range of motion while still providing a therapeutic pressure to the targeted area.

While traditional bandaging techniques have been used for decades to provide additional support during injury recovery, kinesio tape is used in a new and innovative way. The acrylic adhesive component in kinesiology tape is activated by body heat; the cotton fibers that make up the material wick moisture away – which means sweating and getting the area wet isn’t an issue as it can be with traditional taping techniques. Kinesio tape, once applied, is one-time use and designed to last all day—sometimes even several days!

What is the science behind kinesiology taping?

Kinesio tape works off the science of kinesiology – the body’s movement.  The special taping application creates a pulling action that helps to hold problematic tissues in a way that allows you to carry out your daily tasks and exercise routines.  Kinesio tape is used to enhance circulation, thereby reducing pain and improving recovery time following an injury. The tape works by gently reinforcing the skin allowing blood and other fluids to circulate more easily. The gentle pressure of the tape cues the body to send additional blood to the taped area thus improving circulation, diminishing swelling and speeding healing.

For kinesio tape to work effectively, the tape must be applied in strategic ways. Simply putting a bit of tape on your ankle or shoulder isn’t going to make much of a difference. Determining the exact placement and shaping of the kinesiology tape, along with which direction the “pull” should go, are all part of the skill needed in order to promote healing.  Attempting to apply the tape yourself, without any guidance, could result in further discomfort and additional injury.

We’ve got you covered

The professionals at PAARTS are certified in this technique and will tape you in a strategic way that it is designed to meet your specific needs. Following thorough evaluation and appropriate application of Kinesio tape, clients often get back to activity faster.  Injured clients find their daily activities easier with the support of the tape.  The application will promote healing as you go about your daily activities.

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