Wrap it up!

Bandaging, taping and bracing techniques are common practice in sports medicine settings.  You have likely seen athletes with their ankle taped, or perhaps a wrap on their thigh or brace on their knee.  These techniques are used to assist in injury prevention and recovery, to improve performance, decreased pain, and aid individuals in rapid return to activity.

There is a purpose for each application; PAARTS therapists have spent thousands of hours bandaging, taping, and bracing recreational and collegiate to professional and elite athletes and performers.  You can feel confident that the techniques chosen are the best for your condition. Clients are encouraged to be open to these techniques. We will work together with you to cultivate comfortable applications that achieve the desired goal.

Knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics ensures the selection of the appropriate technique for your issue, as well as proper application.

Bandaging, taping and bracing techniques can be used to:

  • Control and diminish swelling
  • Diminish bruising
  • Support joints
  • Support muscles
  • Provide position sense feedback
  • Limit motion
  • Correct alignment
  • Create confidence in movement following injury

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