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Bringing Top Notch Injury Prevention and Care Right to You

Leave injury management to the professionals to ensure your performing artists and athletes receive proper immediate professional care while you worry about running the show/event itself.  With an extensive background in providing on-site injury prevention and acute injury care services to performing arts groups, tours, competitions and athletic events , PAARTS on-site programs minimize problems that arise during production and competition.  We provide backstage, theater, production, music, film & television and sporting event onsite coverage and treatment.

Performing Art Events:

It is common to see injuries arise as a result of repetitive choreography, stage surface and rake, costumes, props, repetitive instrument playing, changes in orchestra pit layout and seating position, or backstage/film/television set environments. In the performing arts setting, we work closely with the individual artists, the production staff and crew, artistic staff and management to enable artists to perform safely with minimal time loss and without loss in aesthetic value.

Sport Events:

Injury is inherent in sport and athletic participation.  PAARTS onsite services for athletic events, anticipate athletic injuries and emergency situations that may arise in the context of any individual athletic event.  Having credentialed and knowledgeable individuals in place to address such situations with an appropriate plan is vital to the appropriate management of the athlete.  Evaluation and treatment of injuries that occur during the athletic activity, as well as return-to-play decision­­s following assessment and treatment of injuries ensures the health and safety of the athlete.   We work with the coaches to ensure safe participation for athletes.  When necessary, we refer on to medical doctors and other healthcare providers to expedite appropriate care.

Performing Arts and Sport Event Coverage services include:

  • Acute and chronic Injury assessment and management
  • Acute concussion assessment and management
  • Education
  • Massage and manual therapy techniques
  • Taping, wrapping, padding techniques
  • Corrective exercise and stretching techniques
  • Self-care recommendations
  • Physician referral as necessary

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“I met Katy while headlining for the Broadway show ‘Burn the Floor.’She was brought in to provide injury prevention and care for the week we were in San Diego.  I had hurt my hamstring.  I was in a lot of pain, could barely move my leg and had been out of the show for 4 days. Katy truly was a miracle worker – she got me back in the show her first day with us!  I was not only dancing, but my pain was reduced and my hamstring strength and flexibility increased even while doing 8 shows that week.  Thanks Katy!”

Ashleigh Dilello, Professional Ballroom Dancer: So You Think You Can Dance, Burn the Floor, Dancing with the Stars