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Fitness, Cross-Training and Performance Enhancement

Your training and level of performance will be taken to the next level with our supplemental programs. PAARTS fitness and personal training sessions are supported by extensive backgrounds and advanced degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.  Programs are designed to meet your needs taking into account your exercise goals, medical and exercise history and current level of fitness.  Whether you are a competitive athlete or performer, a recreational participant, or new to exercise, PAARTS will assist you in meeting your fitness goals.

Squat. Jump. Climb. Throw. Lift.

At PAARTS, assessing your fitness level is the first step in helping you to meet your fitness goals. By learning about your health and injury history, and your current health status we are able to effectively evaluate and provide exercise instructions based on the evaluation findings.  The evaluation identifies your strengths and areas of weakness.  Specific recommendations are then given to you in a variety of activities; these activities are used to minimize your risk of injury and the development of underlying disease and take your training and performance to the next level.  By collecting baseline information during the assessment, we are able to monitor your progress over time to ensure that you are meeting your goals.  Exercise plans include the frequency and intensity of your participation based on initial findings, exercise plans are revised as needed at follow up appointments.

PAARTS Fitness and Training Offerings Include:

  • Cross-Training
  • Personal Training
  • Pilates
  • Flexibility Programs
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Nutrition and Performance Nutrition Consultation
  • Fitness and Sports Readiness Assessments

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Fitness and Sport Readiness Assessments

Posture and Alignment • Core Strength and Stability
• Upper and Lower Body Strength • Flexibility
• Balance • Coordination and Agility • Aerobic Endurance

Exercise are based on current research.
Sessions may incorporate aspects that focus on

Strength • Flexibility • Speed • Power • Jump Height • Agility
• Balance • Coordination • Functional Movements • Interval Training • Endurance

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“Katy has helped me improve an 8 year old injury, and discover power and control in my legs that I’ve never had before! I was accepted into the Springboard: Montreal summer intensive program. Without Katy’s assistance I would not have had the confidence to audition for this program, nor the technical strength to meet their audition requirements.”

Jillian Chu, Former Dancer Shen Wei Dance Arts, NYC, NY

“I feel more powerful surfing than ever before.”

John Graham