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We understand your body is your instrument of expression and strive to help you keep your body in top performance condition.

Expert Care for Performing Artists

Performing Arts Medicine is a subspecialty branch of orthopaedics and rehabilitation.  At PAARTS, we have over 20 years’ experience in the evaluation, care, and rehabilitation of dancer, musician, vocalists, circus artists, gymnast, roller- and ice-skaters’ training and performance related musculoskeletal injuries.  We work closely with you to restore your optimal function and rapid return to performing pain free and without dysfunction. Our staff has been the primary provider of care to several professional companies and artists in the greater San Diego area since 2000.

What sets us apart?

At PAARTS, you will be evaluated and cared for by a therapist with a personal background in the performing arts (see Bio here). With our intricate knowledge of the unique training and technical demands of performing arts, along with our expert knowledge in the causes of performing arts related injuries and how to resolve them, we will have you back on stage in no time!

5, 6, 7, 8………… And Repeat

Many injuries sustained by performing artists come on over time, due to the repetitive nature of training and performance. We get to the root cause of your problem, not just treat your symptoms.  PAARTS is hailed for the ability to thoroughly and accurately assess and treat a wide variety of performing arts related musculoskeletal complaints, ones that have often failed visits at other facilities. Our approach is to evaluate you as an entire person.  We recognize that one area of dysfunction can lead to problems elsewhere in the body. We deeply understand the body mind connection and the impact that injury, and time out of training and performance, can have on mental health and happiness.

We routinely work with recreational, pre-professional, and professional dancers, musicians, actors, singers, circus performers and artistic athletes to assist them in recovery from injury, to prevent additional or future injury, and to enhance performance. PAARTS works with performing artists of all ages and abilities, clients have ranged from 6 to 80 years old!

Elevate Your Performance at PAARTS

PAARTS Performing Arts Specialty Offerings for Dancers, Musicians, Actors, Singers, Circus Artists, Gymnasts, Cheerleaders, Ice and Roller Skaters Include:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Injury Evaluation and Care
  • Pre-Season Assessments
  • Pre-pointe Assessments
  • Jump Training Programs
  • Turnout Assessment and Management
  • Ergonomic Assessments for Musicians
  • Postural Assessment for Musicians, Singers and Actors
  • Cross-training and Performance Enhancement Programs
  • Pilates
  • Flexibility Programs
  • Hypermobility (loose joints) Assessment and Management
  • Hypomobility(stiff joints) Assessment and Management
  • Stability Programs
  • Warm-up Programs
  • Backstage, Raked Stage, and Theatre safety lectures
  • Backstage, Theater, Production, Music, Film & Television Onsite treatment

Also available:

  • Home, studio, theater or workplace visits
  • Online sessions for performers (injury advice, rehabilitation, & performance instruction)
  • Online or on-site training for health practitioners in Performing Arts Medicine

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Performing Artists, are you curious if PAARTS can help you?

Please contact us for additional services unique and specific to Dancers, Musicians, Vocalists, Actors, Circus Artists, and Performing Athletes.

PAARTS has proudly served the performers, artistic staff and management of:

  • Birch’s North Park Theater
  • Bounce California
  • “Burn the Floor” Broadway Ballroom Dance Tour
  • California Ballet Company
  • Canyon Crest Academy – Envision Dance Conservatory
  • Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Tour
  • City Ballet of San Diego
  • Clan Rince School of Irish Dance
  • Coronado School of the Arts
  • Dance FX
  • Fernstreet Circus Students
  • Formalist Quartette
  • Ginger Cowgirl
  • Grossmont Community College Dance Department Students and Faculty
  • Grossmont Community College Music Department Students and Faculty
  • Iceoplex Escondido
  • Inspire School of Dance
  • La Jolla Playhouse
  • “Love In – A Musical Celebration”
  • Malashock Dance Company, Students and Faculty
  • Rockola
  • San Diego Academy of Ballet
  • San Diego Ballet Company, Students and Faculty
  • San Diego Circus Center
  • San Diego City College Department of Theater and Dance Students and Faculty
  • San Diego Civic Dance Arts
  • San Diego Civic Theaters Touring Shows
  • San Diego Civic Youth Ballet
  • San Diego Dance Center
  • San Diego Dance Theater Company, Students and Faculty
  • San Diego Mesa College Department of Theater and Dance Students and Faculty
  • San Diego Opera
  • San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts
  • San Diego State University Dance Department Students and Faculty
  • San Diego Symphony
  • Scripps Performing Arts Academy
  • Seaworld
  • Senior America Pageant
  • So Cal Dance
  • So Cal Rhythmics
  • Southern California Elite Gymnastics Academy
  • “So You Think You Can Dance” Tour
  • Spreckles Theater
  • Stage 7 School of Dance
  • The Balboa Theater
  • The Old Globe Theater
  • Touring Broadway Actors, Dancers, Singers
  • University of California at San Diego Dance Department Students and Faculty
  • USA Gymnastics National Team Members
  • USA Figure Skating National Team Members
  • Wendy Whelan’s “Restless Creature” Tour

“As an international ballerina, active in the ballet world for 68 years, I have had a number of injuries and have received care from many physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers.  These experiences entitle me to say that Katy Ewalt is among the very best in her field.”
Violette Verdy, Principle Dancer New York City Ballet 1958- 1977

“We in this wonderful blessed line of work called “The Arts” are in need of healing hands that understand our lives, our bodies. Thank you Katy Ewalt for all you do for us.”

Ben Vereen

“I was amazed at Katy’s ability to quickly and knowledgeably identify and treat the underlying problems. I felt better after the first visit.”

Luke Storm, Professional Tubist, Los Angeles, CA

“Katy’s understanding of body mechanics and potential problems with a dancer’s body is invaluable.  Her gentle approach, specific advice, personal communication about strengths and weaknesses and her vast array of therapies uniquely chosen for each person make Katy second to none.  The improvement in my daughter’s strength and muscle coordination is visible in her dancing.  The reduction of tension in her neck and shoulder regions allows her to move more fluidly.  Her migraine headaches have resolved.  Every one of her teachers has told her how much she has progressed and improved.  My daughter has experienced more relaxation in her hip flexors allowing her to increase extensions.  Overall, she feels better and dances stronger than she did before. Now that I have seen firsthand what she can provide the dancer, I wouldn’t ever send my daughter anywhere else in San Diego County for any type of bodywork.”

Kim P., Parent