Project Description

Sharmaine Perea

San Diego Ballet Company Dancer

“While rehearsing for San Diego Ballets “The Jungle Book” I stepped on a slick spot and rolled my ankle. The performance was one week away; I was immediately overcome by panic since I was unable to put weight on my foot. Luckily, Katy Ewalt provided me the care I needed to help alleviate my injury. After my first session with her I immediately noticed a difference in my recovery.

She assessed my trauma and created a proactive treatment plan, while also being mindful of my needs as a dancer.  I had quite a bit of swelling, she provided options for reducing the inflammation and gave me exercises to begin rebuilding strength and mobility. Since I would be unable to wear an ankle brace on stage, Katy did a fantastic job of taping my ankle for dress rehearsal and the shows using techniques that provided a balance between support and necessary mobility crucial to a dancers function. With her background in dance, Katy was able to review my choreography with me to figure out what steps I should alter to prevent further injury.

Katy’s knowledge of treating ankle injuries and her mindfulness of my needs as a dancer helped me get through a time where, without either, I may not have been able to perform. I am genuinely thankful for her efforts and that her services were offered to me in support of the San Diego Ballet.”